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Sarah & Brian's - Wedding Experience   

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In the middle of what seemed like an endless quest for the perfect wedding venue, I serendipitously stumbled upon the website for McGuire’s Millrace Farm. The minute I entered the site, I remember saying to myself, ‘This is it. This is what I have been looking for.’ After realizing McGuire’s was over 4 hours away from our hometown of Charlotte, I was a little disheartened and figured I needed to keep searching because I just figured it would be near impossible to plan a wedding from over four hours away in a town I knew nothing about. Even after this realization, I decided I would contact the venue and get some additional information. From the first email, I made an instant connection with Natalie McGuire. She responded to my initial email within an hour with extremely thorough information. I could tell even through an email how nice and genuine of a person she was. A couple of weeks passed since I had first made contact with the venue and my fiancé said to me, “Sara, you haven’t stopped talking about this McGuire’s Millrace place, let’s just take a weekend and go check it out. I think it means something that you can’t seem to let go of it.”


Let me start off by saying the pictures of McGuire’s Millrace Farm do not do it justice. It happened to be a beautiful fall day when we went to see the property for the first time and it literally took our breath away. The property itself is beautifully manicured, yet still so natural and serene. The Barn is quite possibly the most beautiful structure I have ever seen. The craftsmanship…the detail…is exquisite. I had just started the planning of my wedding and the biggest task I wanted to check off my list of to-dos was finding our venue. However, I didn’t want to rush it. I wanted to find somewhere that truly felt like ours. What I found in McGuire’s was much more than a beautiful venue that fit our vision so flawlessly. I found a family. The McGuires as a family are some of the loveliest people I have ever met. They are truly living their dream by running their business and it shows. Although Mr. and Mrs. McGuire were an absolute pleasure to work with, I worked closest with their daughter Natalie. Natalie has a God-given talent and passion for what she does. She is a warm-hearted, hard-working, extremely dependable and accessible perfectionist. More than that, she is someone you want to be your friend. She truly wants your wedding to be everything you ever dreamed. She makes you feel like you are the only bride she is working with. She makes you feel like her top priority and as if her position at the venue exists only for you. My experience working with her in planning my wedding was as close to seamless as it could be. To be able to say that at all is pretty remarkable, but to be someone who can say that who was planning her wedding from over four hours away is nothing short of exceptional. Natalie helped me make decisions, she helped to remind me of details I may not know or think about and she helped to calm my nerves when I was stressed or overwhelmed throughout the entire process. Then it came to October 12, 2013. Our Wedding Day. On the most important day of our entire lives, Natalie was my angel in disguise. She was my brain when I completely forgot to take care of something, she was my comfort when something wasn’t going as planned and she was my friend every step of the way. She was constantly, most of the time without me even realizing it, making sure things were running smoothly and that everything was in its place. If something wasn’t, she didn’t worry me with it; she just used her exquisite judgment and her knowledge of my style and vision and fixed it herself. As stressed and busy and exhausted as she must have been at times, her smile never left her face. Her beautiful and sweet spirit never wavered. Her true happiness and excitement for me never ceased to show. By 11:00pm on Saturday October 12th, I considered Natalie part of my family. In fact, I consider the McGuires as a whole part of my family. That place will always hold the most special place in my heart, but more importantly the people will. The quaint and charming town of Murphy, NC. will be a place we visit and hold near and dear to our hearts for the rest of our lives

I was, of course, no expert in wedding planning when I started this process. In fact, as Natalie and I often joked, I knew next to nothing about any of it. Now that I have gone through the entire process and am a newly and happily married woman, I know what is most important when looking for your wedding venue. It isn’t necessarily the location, the proximity to family or friends, even the structure itself. It is the heart of the venue. It is the feeling you get when you step foot onto the property. It is the look in the eyes of the person who greets you when you see your possible wedding site for the first time. It is the HEARTS behind the venue, behind the scenes that make all of your vision into a reality all while making you feel like the most beautiful and special bride they have ever worked with. Stumbling upon McGuire’s Millrace Farm that day was a divine intervention for me and I have absolutely no doubt about it. If you are looking for a venue with breathtaking scenery, beautiful landscapes, the perfect combination of rustic and chic, a reception location that is top notch and built by hand so that every detail doesn’t go unnoticed, you need to visit McGuire’s Millrace Farm.