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Emilee & Timothy Godfrey - Country Wedding   

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Photography by Walden Photography
The McGuire's are a truly a one-of-a-kind find! I am from Blue Ridge, GA (which is only about 40 minutes away from the venue) but I would have driven hours just to have my wedding here. My dad (surprisingly) was the one who discovered the McGuire's farm and told me I just had to visit it. I visited one time and absolutely fell in love with the venue, the atmosphere, and the McGuires themselves; I actually booked the venue before I was engaged (whoops).

Linda, Natalie, and Tommy worked with me every step of the way--which, as any bride knows, working with a soon-to-be bride is not the easiest task! Thanks to the McGuire's, when I look back on my wedding now, I do not have one memory of being stressed; all I remember is the beautiful venue, all of my beloved family and friends, and the most handsome man I've ever seen waiting for me by the gazebo (the farm has many different options for the ceremony--we opted for the gazebo for our nearly 200 guests in attendance).


I am still amazed--as I look back one year after my wedding--at how smooth, stress-free, and beautiful that my wedding was! As gorgeous as pictures of this venue are, they do not nearly grasp the beauty that McGuire's Millrace Farm contains. The food, the location, the employees, and the incredible view are only a few perks McGuire's Millrace Farm has to offer. Not only did the McGuire's keep in touch just for my wedding, when they heard that my father was in an accident nearly a year after my wedding, they contacted me to check-in and let me know that they were thinking of my family. That, to me, speaks wonders; the McGuire's are truly an amazing family through and through. I would recommend this venue a thousand times over!